Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos Magical Power

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning
The original Koi Tattoo meaning has a close relation to old Japanese philosophy. Out of the fact that the fish is a valuable and beautiful collectible, it also symbolizes certain meaning. Surely, people wear this fish on their tattoo know well the phylosophy.

Koi climbing the falls is the common look we see on tattoos. The Koi Tattoo meaning comes for the old myth stating that a Koi that climbs the fall will turn into dragon at the top. A small creature can change into the giant and powerful one. It shows determination, courage, and power in achieving goals.

Even though this fish is originally from Chinese, this fish is highly celebrated by Japanese. Samurai loves this tattoo. It is mostly caused by the manly qualities it has in the philosophy. Knowing that the Koi Tattoo meaning shows first grade qualities, people, especially man, decided to wear this image for tattoo.

Do You Believe in Koi Fish Magical Power?

Does Koi fish tattoo really have a secret meaning? What is the true meaning of Koi fish symbols? Is there hidden lessons we can grasp from such a beautiful creature? If you, like me, are wondering about the answers of these questions, then you've come to the right place.

The word Koi originally comes from Japanese, it means "carp". Actually, Japanese loves koi because the word is a homophone for another word that means "affection" or "love." That's why koi symbolizes love and friendship in Japan. The koi often be found as main symbol in Irezumi, the Japanese art of traditional tattooing

In China, Koi often used to picture a "yin yang" symbol, it is a symbol that demonstrates the universal concept of duality: black and white. good and evil, men and women, day and night, etc. Chinese believes koi fish can bring luck or good fortune to them because koi has similar spelling with the Chinese word for "abundance."

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