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It's no big surprise that the appeal of dragonfly tattoo designs is their many different colors. While at the same time it is sort of surprise when someone chooses a dragonfly tattoo design, because it is after all, a bug.

I know that the first thing that comes to mind is its first cousin, the butterfly, but, it doesn't look like a bug.

It looks like a colorful stained glass window, whimsically floating about like a kite, neither here nor there, free of the worries, restraints, and responsibilities of the world.

So why are dragonfly tattoo designs for women so popular today. Let's investigate.

The dragonfly is an insect, and like all insects, has six legs, although their useless; they can't walk. They have two pairs of transparent wings, as in almost invisible. Their bodies look like a piece of a twig or worse.

Their tiny inconsequential bodies are dwarfed by a giant disproportionate head, comprised mainly of two massive, multi-faceted, omnipresent, all seeing, creepy eyeballs, that don't move, but see everything, reminiscent of those dark colored semi-globes that cover the ceilings of Wal-mart.

So I think it safe to say that dragonflys aren't popular because of their good looks, but all kidding aside, today's artists are creating some beautiful dragonfly tattoo designs for women today.

On interesting fact about them is they can fly in six distinct directions-up, down, left, right, forward, and reverse. That's right, reverse. When was the last time you saw a butterfly kick it into reverse and book it on down the road, their big beady eyes staring you down. Score one for dragonfly tattoo designs: versatility.

Dragonfly tattoos have many positive symbolic meanings, although I'm not quite sure where they came from. The three primary ones are power of force, renewal of life, and sense of self that comes with maturity.

The first two I totally don't get, but the third makes sense, because the dragonfly's lifespan is almost six years. Pretty impressive for a bug, but then again, they are also associated with life is short, live it to the fullest, which would make more sense if it were the mayfly, who lives only live 30 minutes.

Some other common meanings for dragonfly tattoo designs are: new light, joy, good luck, prosperity, swiftness, subconscious thoughts, new beginnings, hope, change, love, wealth, and beauty.

Things appear to be looking up, but don't get your hopes up too high yet. That was the good news. Your dragonfly tattoo designs could also be symbolic of any one of the following.

The English often associated dragonflies with evil or injury, calling them ear cutters or devil's darning needles, while in Wales they're thought of as servants of snakes. In Romania, they believed dragonflies were sent by the devil to possess horses.
Swedish lore thought that the devil used dragonflies to weigh people's souls, and were used by trolls to poke their enemies eyes out, so it only makes sense their neighbors, the Norwegians, referred to them more simply as eye pokers.
The great people of Portugal called them eye snatchers, and the Lithuanian's thought of them as evil old hags horses. Don't ask me what that means. Keeping with that theme, the Dutch name of choice is horse biters, and in South America, horse killers or devil's little horse.
And finally, one group of people who chose to remain anonymous simply believed they brought dead snakes back to life. I think a theme is developing for your dragonfly tattoo designs, for better or worse.
There you have it, the good, the bed, and the ugly. You should have plenty of food for thought when choosing your dragonfly tattoo.
The truth is; the image of the dragonfly is mainly used as small accent pieces and a great choice for a beautiful first tattoo. You likely won't be associated with evil horse abusers, evil eye pokers, or evil snake doctors, but remember, keep it small, have you ever got a good look at their eyes.

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